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Since Taisei founded in 13 years in Tamakiya, Kimono and jewelry are offered in exceptional value by direct production of production area and manufacturer! Also, a variety of goods are stocked with price that makes you happy, such as affordable yukata robe, affordable yukata, rich commodity festival supplies, stylish Japanese style miscellaneous goods carefully selected Tanakiya for souvenirs "Sonoga only" We will. Please stop by all means! !

  • 着物・和装小物着物・和装小物
  • お祭り用品お祭り用品
  • 宝石宝石
  • 和雑貨和雑貨

History of our store

We have been running this Japanese Traditional Clothing Store at Fukagawa Area .
Throughout the times od Taisho, Showa, Heisei we have carried out lots of changes
in the business of Japanese Traditional Clothing.
This happened nearly at the same time as the Modern History of Japan.
Even though the form was changed,
we are still continuing the kimono culture with the hope of passing its beauty to the next generations.

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